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"Special Valves"



An excess flow check valve (EFCV) is a type of valve that is designed to limit the flow of fluid in a pipeline or other system in the event of an excess flow condition. An excess flow condition can occur when there is a sudden increase in flow rate due to a pipeline rupture, valve failure, or other system malfunction. In such cases, the EFCV automatically shuts off the flow of fluid to prevent catastrophic failures and other safety hazards.

Key Features: 

  • Excess flow check valves are primarily used to regulate the flow of fluids in pipelines or systems.

  • Available in all sizes as per customer requirements

  • Closing flow as per customer requirements

  • MOC- WCB, LCC, SS 304, SS316, Ni Al Bronze

  • Robust Construction

  • Fit and Forgot Valve 


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