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Unique Excess Flow Check Valves

Discover the efficiency of our Excess Flow valves, designed for the seamless passage of pressurized gas or liquid in both directions. Engineered with spring-loaded shut-off mechanisms, these valves automatically close when the flow surpasses a predetermined rate in the specified direction. Our Excess Flow valves are versatile, catering to various fluids and processes such as LP gas, butane, anhydrous ammonia, anhydrous chlorine, nitrogen air, water, and more. Available in a diverse range of pressure classes, materials, flange designs, and end connections, each valve undergoes rigorous testing in our certified flow laboratory.


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Key Features: 

  • Excess flow check valves are primarily used to regulate the flow of fluids in pipelines or systems.

  • Available in all sizes as per customer requirements

  • Closing flow as per customer requirements

  • MOC- WCB, LCC, SS 304, SS316, Ni Al Bronze

  • Robust Construction

  • Fit and Forgot Valve 

Wafer Excessflowcheckvalve

Wafer - Sandwich Type

Flanged Excessflowcheckvalve

Flanged Type

Screwed Excessflowcheckvalves

Screwed Type

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