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Safety valve

"Pressure Under Control, Safety Unleashed 
  Discover Our Relief Valves."

Diverse Range of Safety Valves
Screwed Safety Valves

Screwed safety relief valves" refers to safety relief valves that are designed with threaded connections, often referred to as screwed connections. These valves are typically installed in systems where a threaded connection is suitable for securing the valve to the pressure vessel or piping. It's important to note that while screwed safety relief valves offer advantages in terms of ease of installation and compact design, their use is often limited to lower-pressure applications. In higher-pressure and critical applications, flanged or welded connections may be more common. As with any safety relief valve, proper sizing, installation, and adherence to industry standards are crucial for their effective and safe operation.


  • Boilers & Pressure Vessels

  • Oil & Gas - Onshore & Offshore

  • Power Generation Plants

  • Water & Waste water treatments

  • Refineries

  • Chemical & Petrochemicals

  • Mining & Mineral Processing

  • Marine Application

  • Durable Construction

Key Features

  • Threaded Connection

  • Compact Design

  • Stable Operation

  • Suitable for High Pressure System

  • Long-Term Reliability

  • Easy Pressure Setting Adjustability

Valve Details

  • Sizes Available  1/2 Inch to 12 Inch

  • Body                  LCC / LCB /WCB / SS 

  • Bonnet              LCC / LCB /WCB / SS 

  • Internals            SS 304/ SS 316

  • Seals                  PTFE / GRAPHITE   

  • Pressure Class    #150 to #2500

  • Design Standard -  API 526

  • Testing Standard -  API 527

  • End Connection   - Screwed / Flanged 


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