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#Excessflowcheckvalves flow check valves are playingmajor role in LPG Applications.

We are one of the top manufacturers of Excess flow check valves since 1988. We are manufacturing these types of valves in various connections and types. It includes Sandwich type, Flanged Type, Screwed type Etc..

Excess Flow Check Valves are spring-actuated safety devices that shut off the flow of fluid in case any flow line or fitting located on the outlet side of the valve breaks or ruptures. The excess flow valves only close when the flow of fluid through the valve generates sufficient force to overcome the tension of the spring holding it open. They are installed in flow lines to and from pressure tanks, as near to the tank as possible. Each valve has one specific closing flow rating which is determined by the type of fluid passing through the valve and the valve’s spring.

Excess Flow Valves are normally open valves, and

will remain in the open position during ordinary operations. They will permit the flow of liquid or vapor in either direction. However, the flow is checked in only one direction. The valve is stenciled with an arrow indicating the direction of closing flow. If the flow in that direction exceeds a predetermined rate, the valve automatically closes. The valve will remain closed until the pressure on both sides of the valve are approximately equal. The check mechanism has a small bleed hole to allow for pressure equalization. Once the pressure is equalized, the spring will automatically reopen the valve. Because of the bleed hole, excess flow check valves do not provide 100% shut-off.


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